Real-Time Energy Auditing Capabilities
Quickly Measure the Impact of Weatherization Upgrades
Unique Selling Point for Your Customers
HeetMeter for Energy Retrofits / Weatherization
• Know the heating efficiency of every home in your program, updated daily

• Monitor every home in your program from one interface, accessible online from anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone

• The HeetMeter™ uses units of "BTU/sq.ft./HDD. This is similar to the "K-factor" used in home heating fuel delivery, adjusted for fluctuations in outdoor temperature

• HeetMeter™ is the only energy monitor for oil, gas and propane that doesn’t require cutting open a fuel line. No professional safety certification required for installation
• Using one week’s worth of data before a weatherization job, and one week of data afterward, determine the exact impact of a job on a home’s fuel consumption

• Reduce or eliminate the need to send a second contractor for verifying weatherization jobs
• Give your customers access to view their HeetMeter data

• Ensure that they stay engaged in reducing energy consumption

• Online/smartphone interface can be branded with your company’s logo
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