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HeetMeter for Homeowners
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The Home Heating Index: is the "MPG" rating of your home!
When you change your boiler-furnace, size it correctly using HM pre-measurements and not “estimation” methods.

Evaluate the results by checking the HHI before and after:
  • Closing vents in unused spaces
  • Adjusting the room thermostat
  • Trying different heating times strategies
  • Testing different nozzle size-pressure settings

Monitor vacation homes remotely;

Avoid getting surprised by high energy bills by tracking usage;

On oil or propane, make sure you never run out of fuel;

Real-time monitoring provides the best grounds for energy efficiency. For more, see http://www.aceee.org/research-report/b122

A scale is required in any fitness program; a Heetmeter is critical in reducing energy usage.
Installation takes less than 10 minutes. The HeetMeter™ attaches to your boiler or furnace with a built-in magnet, plugs into a household 110V outlet and connects to your WiFi network. That's it.
• Quick and easy to set up
• High-strength magnets for easy, secure attachment
• Compatible with almost every furnace or boiler that runs on gas, propane or oil
• Data is updated every time that the heating system turns on and off
• “set-it-and-forget-it”, no maintenance, no batteries to replace
• Sensor dimensions: 4.41” x 2.44” x 1.25”
• Manufactured in the USA

• Smart device and cloud-based interface
• Mobile-optimized, works with apple, android and blackberry phones, tablets and PC


How do I connect the HeetMeter™ to a password-protected WiFi network?
When you first power up your HeetMeter™, it will create its own wireless network, named “HeetMeter”, that you can connect to for configuration (including security setup) using your laptop or smartphone.

Will the HeetMeter™ get WiFi reception in my basement?
The HeetMeter’s™ WiFi is comparable with most laptops range. If your laptop can connect in the basement (or wherever your furnace/boiler is located), then you are set!

Can I download my data?
Yes, you can download the duty cycle for the past 30 days. This is available on the interface you use to monitor the HeetMeter™.

Is the HeetMeter™ compatible with my heating system?
The HeetMeter™ works with natural gas, propane, and oil burning boilers and furnaces. It is compatible with about 90% of heating systems (single or dual stage). There are a few particular systems that cannot be measured with the HeetMeter:

    Boilers that are almost completely silent (i.e. if you can stand next to it while it’s on and you can barely hear the flame).

    Variable-speed furnaces and boilers (about 5% of all heating systems in the US). If you're still unsure about your particular heating system, please send us the model number and we'll check!
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This value, calculated by the HeetMeter, allows you to compare your home's heating efficiency against others, similar to the "miles per gallon" (MPG) rating on cars.

The HHI measures the amount of energy used for heating your home considering the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature. Efficient homes use less energy per square foot, for the same outdoor temperature (lower HHI). The technical units for the HHI are: BTU/square foot/heating degree-day.
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