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HeetMeter Technical Information
Impact of Real-Time Energy Feedback:
Monitoring Interface:
The Heating Efficiency Coefficient: the "MPG" rating of your home
• Quick and easy to set up
• High-strength magnets for easy, secure attachment
• Compatible with almost every furnace or boiler that runs on gas, propane or oil
• Data is updated every time that the heating system turns on and off
• “set-it-and-forget-it”, no maintenance, no batteries to replace
• Sensor dimensions: 4.41” x 2.44” x 1.25”
• Durable, injection molded case
• Manufactured in the USA

• Cloud-based interface; nothing to download or update
• Mobile-optimized, works with apple, android and blackberry phones and tablets
How does the HeetMeter™ calculate my energy consumption?
The HeetMeter measures the duty cycle of the flame in your furnace or boiler. When you set up the HeetMeter™ for the first time, you enter the rated heating capacity of your boiler (BTU/h or gal/hr) and its model number. By knowing how much energy it uses per hour of operation, we mix this data with the outside temperature in your area (zip-code based), the total surface of your home (you input this when setting up the HeetMeter) and we're then able to provide efficiency analytics for your home.

How do I connect the HeetMeter™ to a password-protected WiFi network?
When you first power up your HeetMeter™, it will create its own wireless network, named “HeetMeter”, that you can connect to for configuration (including security setup) using your laptop or smartphone. Once that’s done, the HeetMeter™ will connect to your local WiFi network and the internet!

Will the HeetMeter™ get WiFi reception in my basement?
The HeetMeter’s™ WiFi reception is comparable with what most laptops are capable of. If your laptop can get WiFi reception in the basement (or wherever your furnace/boiler is located), then you are set!

Can I download my data?
Yes, you can download the sequence of on/off times for the past 6 months for your home. This is available on the interface you use to monitor the HeetMeter™.

Is the HeetMeter™ compatible with my heating system?
The HeetMeter™ works with natural gas, propane, and oil burning boilers and furnaces. It is compatible with about 90% of heating systems (single or dual stage). There are a few particular systems that cannot be measured with the HeetMeter:

Boilers that are almost completely silent (i.e. if you can stand next to it while it’s on and you can barely hear the flame).

Variable-speed furnaces and boilers (about 5% of all heating systems in the US). These heating systems have modulating flames which aren’t “full-on” or “full-off”. If you're still unsure about your particular heating system, please send us the model number and we'll check!
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The Monitoring Interface is generated on our servers by incorporating: weather conditions, home size, heating unit power and its duty cycle. The latter is continuously relayed from the HeetMeter using your home’s WiFi connection.

When setting up the HeetMeter, attach it to the boiler or furnace using its magnets; next enter the WI-FI credentials, home location and heater’s data as described in You will be able to see the analytics on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

The HeetMeter sensor does not interfere with the operation of your heating system. No electricians, plumbers or technicians are needed for installation.

The HeetMeter works with most heating systems, boilers or furnaces. It is compatible with oil, propane or natural gas that work as single or dual stage firing. Fully modulating units are not yet supported.

Measurement Accuracy:

HeetMeters’ ability to directly measure the duty cycle, makes it much more accurate than smart thermostats; they only know the time span the heating system was active, but not the (smaller) period the flame was actually on and (as a result) how much fuel was consumed.


HeetMeter: within ± 2.6% of actual
Smart thermostat: within ± 10.2% of actual


HeetMeter: within ± 3.1% of actual
Smart thermostat: greater than 50% error

White paper on error analysis: please click here to download

"Results From Recent Real-Time Feedback Studies" - a study done by the ACEEE (American Council for and Energy-Efficient Economy) summarizes the results of recent, large-scale real-time feedback pilots in the US, UK and Ireland, the basis for our energy savings claims.

You can download the report here:

There are many real-time energy feedback meters for electricity, but none for oil or propane, which are a much larger portion of a home's energy bill in many parts of the US. HeetMeter is out there to solve that!
For Homeowners
Tech Info
Below is a preview of the monitoring interface you will be able to see from your smartphone, computer or tablet.
This value, calculated by the HeetMeter, allows you to compare your home's heating efficiency against others, similar to the "miles per gallon" (MPG) rating on cars.

The HHI measures the amount of energy used for heating your home, per square foot, and with relation to the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature. Efficient homes use less energy per square foot, for the same outdoor temperature. The technical units for the HHI are BTU/square foot/heating degree-day.
Below is a graph of data that we collected in the winter of 2012-2013. As you can see, the HeetMeter makes it simple to identify where a home's heating efficiency stands, relative to the average. Some homes used >2x more energy per square foot than the average (due to inefficient insulation and heating systems) and the homeowner didn't even know it! This is especially important oil and propane homes, where records are less easily available.